Dr Ashfaque Shaikh

Alongside acquiring a degree as Md Physician, Dr. Ashfaque Shaikh is also well versed in the field of cupping and sports massage therapies. He has gained 7 years of experience in the medical field, by working in various hospitals abroad, and healthcare associations. The patients’ well being and good health has always been his priority, whether that is achieved by conventional medicine or alternative therapies. Dr. Ashfaque appreciated cupping therapy for religious reasons as it is one of the prophetic medicines. But his interest in alternative therapies grew as he further acquired a Diploma in Clinical Hijama Therapy, as well as learning the technique of Acupuncture, Guasha, manipulation therapy, and also gained skills in Sports Massage Therapy. He has been working as a Hijama (cupping) Therapist for three years in Leicester, and now opened his first clinic.


Dr Helal Ali

Dr. Ali is a medically qualified Doctor Specialising in General Practice with his own practice in Leicester. He is a keen medical educator and is also carries out doctors’ appraisals. He is a director of a medical education company and as well as his NHS practice he also runs private clinics offering holistic therapy.

He has a background master’s degree in Pharmacy and has studied Hijama with BCS (British Cupping Society) as well as spending some time in Cairo looking at the practice of Hijama there.

He has also studied medical acupuncture with BMAS (British Medical Acupuncture Society) approximately 7 years ago and has been offering this to his private patients.